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Ganondorf is the best character ever.

Location: Rancho Palos Verdes, Online, California, United States
Setting: Online
Date: November 7 – 14, 2008
Organizer(s): A2ZOMG
Game(s): Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Size: Local


Ganon is broken ****. Thus I dedicate a tourney solely to him. Image from Crystalishawt at Deviantart btw.

Koskinator entered as a replacement to someone in the losers bracket. This tourney was at a standstill for too long, but he came up from the losers bracket and made an incredible victory!

If you save a replay from any of your matches, do keep in mind that you can send it to me, and I will upload it to youtube here: We will need to exchange Brawl Codes and Wii Codes to do this, and uh...then you need to wait like a month, cause frankly I'm extremely lazy. <_<

Nothing is better in Brawl than playing the King of Evil. =D

And refer to this post for updates on events.



Entrants: 16
1. Koskinator
2. ZeonStar
3. Dolphins22
4. Ray_Kalm

Bloodynite wrote at 4:19 PM on Mar 25, 2009 :
any idea when another ganon tourney could be set in place?
Dolphins22 wrote at 9:10 PM on Dec 08, 2008 :
Nice tourney A2 my and good stuff everyone my only suggestion is make it a one day tourney next time it doesnt allow people to procrastinate (myself included)
A2ZOMG wrote at 4:51 PM on Dec 08, 2008 :
So sorry this took so long.  I just hope you guys had fun.
Koskinator wrote at 12:27 AM on Dec 08, 2008 :
priez nao pl0x
BANRYU wrote at 9:36 PM on Dec 07, 2008 :
It may be that Ganondorf is the best character ever.

...but that's only 'cause Ridley isn't playable.
Naik03 wrote at 8:56 PM on Dec 07, 2008 :
I am actually not too mad since I shouldn't have really been in this in the first place, its just that I wanted to face some really good Ganondorfs and try and learn a few new tricks.
A2ZOMG wrote at 7:04 PM on Dec 07, 2008 :
Hey guys, I will do this another time. Don't worry.

Congrats Kosk! Uh....I wish I had some sorta prize to give you. Either way, yeah. AWESOME!
Naik03 wrote at 6:00 PM on Dec 07, 2008 :
I left town that day... and just because Dolphins didn't respond in time you made both of us dq...
Dolphins22 wrote at 4:53 PM on Dec 07, 2008 :
Naik u didnt respond but it doesnt matter good **** kosk and zeon Ill play u guys another time
Koskinator wrote at 3:27 PM on Dec 07, 2008 :
Holy uber ****hax. Most amazing ganon set ive ever played, everyone else here can gtfo. So this is how it goes. First match, he roflpwns me, he has 1 stock left with like 4%. I'm like O.o. I counterpick delfino, get my *** rocked there too. At this point, I'm like, yeah, hes winning this ****. I CP smashville, somehow pull out the win, though it was very close. He CP's yoshis island (brawl) and I manage to 2 stock him there, though I did get 2 lucky spikes on his last 2 stocks. The final battle then took place on battlefield. It was epic beastial rape awesome match. We went like, super even the first 2 stocks, then i was able to come out with a thunderstomp on him around 100% which finished him off. Great ganon, great tourney, hope to join it again if it happens again.